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Tips for Buying Hay for Small Pets.

Small pets need a lot of tender care for them to grow healthy and happy. Hay is a good choice when it comes to the diet of the small pets. The hay can be legume or grass. As long as it is high-quality hay, you will not have to worry about the lack of nutrients. After you have settled on the category of hay you will be buying for the small pets, there are other factors you should consider before you make the final choice. Remember that what the hay bale contains counts. Unless you have inspected the contents of the bale of hay, do not make the final decision. You want to ensure that everything in the bale is not short of quality hay. The outside of the hay bales may be a big discolored if it was stored in stacks. When determining whether the hay is good enough for the small pet, it is not just about looking but also touching it. The stems should be fine, leafy and green. Also, you want to make sure it is soft when you touch it. Given that small pets cannot handle tough hay, you want to ensure what you are buying will be okay for them so that you do not waste your money.

On the same note, you should not have anything to do with overcured hay. Therefore, you need to check for that. Ensure you do not end up buying hay that is moldy, sun-bleached or even musty Additionally, you want to stay away from fermented or dusty hay. The harvesting time differs based on the type of hay which is why you have to think about that before making your choice. Grass hay needs to have been harvested just before the seed heads form. The best time to harvest legume hay is during the early bloom phase. You can determine the maturity level of the hay by checking the seed pods, flowers, stems and even leaves. Additionally, hay that has a high content of dirt, weeds, debris, and even trash is not a good idea.

You should not be buying diseased hay or even one that is insect infested. Depending on the region the hay was grown at, there may be potential problems which is why you need to have a chat with the grower about it. You need to remember that the weight of the hay bales is a matter you should be concerned about. You have no business buying any bales that seems to weight a lot more than its size.

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