What You Should Do After A House Fire

General Article

When something happens to your home and you are left to face with fire damage, it’s important that you start making plans to restore everything as soon as possible before the damage manages to get worse. There are certain things you can do that will prioritize the correct steps to make to ensure that you are able to live in your home again as soon as possible.

Contact A Professional

This may seem like a cliché answer that everyone knows, but unfortunately, not everyone will follow the advice that they have been given. This step is the most important of them all though as you are choosing who you want to work with for fire damage restoration services richmond va. While you may not be sure of what you are supposed to be doing in the cleanup process, they are and are willing to help you through it.

Efforts will be made to try to save as many of your things as possible, so you don’t have to throw away all of your appliances, clothing, furniture, and other personal possessions. As items are removed from your home, they will help to document each piece and what happened with it. Once the actual cleanup of the home is complete, the process of returning your items to where they belong can begin.

Begin Cleaning Immediately

With the huge list of things that need to be accomplished, many people assume that they can just leave the entire cleanup effort to professionals, but there are things that you can start doing before the professionals even get there that will help to speed up the process and get you and your family back into your home. Safety should always be the biggest concern when it comes to a fire and the process to clean up afterward. If it’s not safe to enter the premises, you shouldn’t try. There are safety precautions that must be taken before you go back into your home. Make sure that you are wearing gloves, long sleeves, and a respirator to keep your lungs healthy.

Air Out the House

You will want to get as much smoky air out of your home as possible by opening up every window that you can. Placing box fans around the home to push the air out will speed up the ventilation process as well. The air inside of your home is polluted and isn’t safe to breathe.

Clean Your Home

Every surface in your home will need to be scrubbed after fire damage. The soot can be difficult to remove, but there are chemicals that can help remove the smell from almost everything as long as it’s not too damaged. These chemicals can be dangerous and are best left to professionals to handle.

Launder Everything

Every piece of clothing and upholstery will need to be laundered after a fire. You may have to wash items several times to get the smell out with an alkaline cleaner. For this step, you may want to go to a laundromat, so you are not using fire damaged equipment.