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Important Considerations in Choosing the Best Soil for Cannabis

Growing cannabis is just like growing any other plant. This goes to say that you will be needing some soil to grow it. For those who are interested in growing cannabis at home, you should opt to find the best soil for cannabis. You will only be able to get a bountiful cannabis harvest when you get this particular aspect of growing them right.

People who are still new with growing cannabis often suffer from losing their harvest all because they have picked the wrong cannabis soil. As early as now, make sure that you understand that a lot of considerations must be made.

One of the things that you have to remember, for example, is that the soil you use in growing cannabis indoors is not the same as the soil you use in growing cannabis outdoors. Moreover, drainage, pH, and other factors must be taken into account.

With the increasing popularity of growing cannabis, you can choose from a wide array of soil brands in the market. This can be both good and bad on your part. This is good news because now you have many choices, yet you will now be having a more difficult time deciding the best soil for cannabis. Fortunately, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about growing cannabis in soil and choosing the right one for your plants.

In choosing the best soil for cannabis, you decide between clay, loam, silt, and sandy soil. Among these four types, you can get them in the combination of two or more when it comes to most soils. Thus, you can choose from loamy/clay, sandy/silty, silty/clay, and more. Each soil type comes in various ratios.

Sandy soil: In terms of granular size, this soil has a large size while its pH is low. Though this type of soil easily gets dry and has a hard time absorbing moisture, it offers good drainage, is easy to prepare for cultivation, and has high oxygen levels. For those who intend to be growing cannabis indoors, this should be your type of soil.

Silt soil: Fine organic particles and minerals like quartz are what usually comprise this kind of soil. They hold moisture, have a decent drainage, and is easy to work with when wet. They are the most fertile making them the best soil for growing seedlings.

Loam soil: This soil is a combination of 40% silt, 40% sand, and 20% clay. It is a commonly used cannabis soil with an almost neutral pH. It is characterized as having high oxygen levels, good water retention and drainage, and is naturally fertile. However, it is the most expensive of the four soil types.

Clay soil: This soil type is considered as the best organic soil for growing cannabis. This soil allows one to shape or mold them; however, you need a great deal of effort to work with this heavy soil that also does not drain great. Nevertheless, your plant is better stabilized through this soil.

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