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Things Americans should be Aware of About the Cannabis Industry

Most of the countries in the Western world have decided to legalize drugs. Marijuana has finally been legalized in Canada. The United States became the first country in the Western world to legalized marijuana. Many people do not know how the cannabis industry is growing on a daily basis. Here are certain things people should know about then cannabis industry.

Fifty percent of all the states in the United States have legalized marijuana. The first state the take the plunge and legalize marijuana was California. However, the drug was legalized for medical purposes only. As the years went by, other states finally decide to make marijuana a legal drug. However, some states have gone a step further and legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Cannabis is still regarded as a drug with high chances of addiction with less medical properties. According to all the studies carried out on cannabis it reveals that the economy of the country will increase if you make the drug legal.

The United States government clearly states that you should pay taxes if you are selling the drug. Another interesting thing about legalizing cannabis in the United States is that the crime rate has gone down. Most of the research on this matter shows that the crime rate has decreased since marijuana was made a legal drug. However, some people have been arrested for smoking the drug in public because they are not conversant with the laws against smoking marijuana in public.

Despite the government legalizing the drug, there is still a black market where people are buying this drug. When legalizing the drug, the government was looking for a way to shut down these black markets. However, it is unfortunate that people are still selling cannabis in the black market. This is because the tax imposed on the drug is high and, which has made people result in selling the drug in the black market. All marijuana growers are looking for a way to ensure that the drug is more powerful. Most people are carrying out various studies on the drug to try to come up with a more powerful marijuana drug.

The marijuana market is expanding on a daily basis. The number of marijuana strands sold annually keeps on increasing. The main reason for this is because the drug can be sold in an open market. However, one shocking thing is the fact that most people are buying the drug for medicinal purposes as compared to buying the drug for recreational use. The main purpose for this is because people are buying the drug in bulk for medical use only. The final thing is that you should get all the information you can concerning the marijuana industry.