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This is the process of buying goods and offering services such as building and construction of social amenities for use by the public as representative of a public agency or the government .

Governments have to buy goods and services from qualified people and companies to enable them to deliver on the election promises countrywide . Governments, are too vast and to buy goods and services to provide for the public in a whole country cumbersome and not practical, it, therefore, requires qualified people or companies to buy goods and services on behalf of the government and provide or supply the public.

Governments have to follow set rules and procedures to get the legal right people or companies that will buy goods and services on its behalf in order to seem to be fair. Government procurement is mainly done through the tenders, contracts, and bids. All prospective people and companies who legally qualify to buy and sell on behalf of government apply in their area of specialization for example if it is building all qualified construction companies apply at a fee which is non -refundable to discourage competitors and make sure that people and companies who get these bids and tenders can actually deliver.

To discourage corruption in the public procurement procedure the government advertises publicly such as in the newspapers, in government online platforms such as government Websites, Facebook page, and Twitter handle.

A person or company can participate in public procurement tenders, bids and contracts by visiting the government agencies physically or on their websites mandated to advertise on behalf of the government since they publish all tenders, contracts and bids for instance in the united states such agencies are Request for proposals (RFPS) and Request for Quotations (RFQS). Anyone or company that’s interested in soliciting government bids ,contracts and tenders needs to visit platforms where these are advertised, for example the Request for Proposal( RFP) and Request for Quotations(REQS)which are government agencies meaning the advertise and publish all tenders ,bids and contracts on behalf of the government . When involved in the Request for proposal (RFP) or Request for Tenders (RFT) when the value of goods and services is above $25000 and a number of factors other than the prize are put into consideration when awarding the tender .

When one gets to the pages of request for quotations and request for proposals they email you on available tenders, contracts and bid according to your area of specialization. Once you receive the email you choose the tenders, contracts, and bids that suit you and apply for them after which you receive invitation to bid which seeks that you provide your proposal or project. When all the proposals and projects have been submitted the tender opening committee opens all of them and groups them according to the many categories that had been advertised and after going through all of them and considering some factors they award the lowest bidder..

The bids are simplified and tenders or contracts awarded quickly.

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